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Tips and FAQs for Work at Home

When accessing your voicemailbox from elsewhere, remeber  that your 'Voice mailbox Number ' is just you phone extension. The system will ask for that to get you to your correct voicemailbox. Once  you are in, it operates just like in the classroom.

To access your Google resources, you must use your District assigned google login. Your personal Gmail account login will not work.

Remember to log out of you Goolgle account. Whether you are in Classroom, Gmail Drive or any other Google Service when you are finished.  If you stay logged in, and someone else opens a Google Service on the same device, they will be using your account and not get the services they need.

For Teachers: Some YouTube videos need to be approved by GMRSD.  If your students have issues viewing YouTube videos in Classroom, email and request we approve it.  Please include a link to the video.

For Parents and Students: You have issues with your school issued Chromebook, quesions about connecting to your home wireless or issues with Google Services, please contact Ms. Katie Hopp.

Technology Tools

All GMRSD educators have access to the Google for Education apps suite.  Plus Portal also is an already familiar conduit for communications. Though the full scope of Google Tools may not be appropriate for our youngest learners, Google classroom can still be used for a space to post virual meetings, Younger students will need parents to support them in accessing these remote resources.

The following are the recommended  tools for  to use when interacting with a student:

Student Data Privacy

Though we encourage the use of digial tools in remote learning,  we need to take into account student saftey,  and student data priviacy. Some companies office 'free' apps and software. Student data can be used for marketing, and other purposes; and personally identifiable information about students may be revealed. Our staff and faculty,has been given clear guidance about the privacy on students, staff and families.

Parents, please access the following link for the permissions document allowing you student to use video. 

Parent Permision Form for Video

Access to Internet and Devices

The district is identifying students who will need assistance in accessing internet services or computer device. Parents, please to contact their student's teachers if their child is unable to access remote learning due to a lack of a computer device or internet access. If you recieve a device from us, we will take all aprropriate precautions to clean each device and will work with the Department of Puplic Facilites to ensure that the correct materials are used to clean the devices.

Comcast is presently offering their INTERNET ESSENTIALS for free for the first 2 months for new customers. Also, there are 4G Cellular Hotspots available from vendors such as Verizon and TMobile for mobile internet connections. 

The Technology Department works to maintain computer networks throughout the district. In addition, technology provides support for multimedia resources, principally at Great Falls Middle School and Turners Falls High School. Our goal is to stay on the cutting edge of technology and help faculty and students enhance the educational experience through multimedia experiences.


1:1 CHROMEBOOK Initiative at Great Falls Middle School 

In school year 2018-19, students at Great Falls Middle School will have 1:1 access to Chromebook devices to provide students with additional collaboration tools and an enhanced ability to engage with educational online content.  In addition, having these devices will help promote the development of self-directed learning and digital citizenship.


Gill-Montague Regional School District was one of the recipients of the Digital Connections Partnership Grant for fiscal year 2018 providing us with the means to complete the connectiivty infrastructure in all our schools. We now have new Wireless Access Points in all our elementary schools; and new network switch connecting our WAPs in Turners Falls and Great Falls Middle School to a faster MBI fiber internet connection.

Here is the Outlook Live Login for your conveniece!

Outlook Live