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TFHS Mascot Update

The school committee has composed six draft criteria for the selection of a new TFHS logo/nickname. These are listed below. The committee encourages the public’s feedback on these. Send feedback to any school committee member. Their e-mail addresses are listed on the district website and are all set up as the person’s name For example, and e-mail would look like “” At the next meeting, on April 11, it is likely the school committee will continue to discuss the criteria, and they may also discuss other facets of a selection process, such as who will make selection decisions and how the decisions will be made. We encourage public input for all aspects of developing this process. 

Community Relevance – The mascot should be broadly relevant across the GMRSD community, the student body and generations of alumni. It should be representative of the TFHS experience or history, either generally or specifically.

Marketability - We would like to select a graphically-pleasing icon that is easily identifiable, easy to relate to, easy to love, and unique. We want students (and everyone else) to embrace the mascot enthusiastically. We will choose one that will stand the test of time, as well as looking great in blue and white.

Inclusivity - The mascot/logo should be inclusive of all students and community members, projecting a positive non- violent image.

Non-Discriminatory - The mascot/logo should be representative of positive qualities, ideals, or associations around which all people can rally. Mascots/Logos/nicknames will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or disability. 

Gender Neutral - The mascot/logo should be non-gender specific, so that it will be appropriate for all student activities. 

Core Values – The logo/nickname should reflect or symbolize one or more of the values of integrity, persistence, empathy, continuous learning, strength, dignity, honor, pride, (respect?). (This criteria is a work in progress.)

2017-2018 Registration

We are now accepting applications for school choice spots for next year. We have openings at most schools and grade levels. Applications are due on May 31. Please visit our Student Registration page for more details and the application.