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Hate Has No Home Here Posters

One of Gill-Montague Regional School District’s core beliefs states, “Everyone deserves to learn in a safe and supportive learning environment in which all members of the school community demonstrate respect for each other.” In recent months, both nationally and closer to home, there have been a number of high profile acts of racial and ethnic intolerance. Back in August, as we prepared for the school year ahead, the district’s administrative team discussed what we might do to communicate to students where our school community stands on these matters. We decided providing classrooms and common spaces with Hate Has No Home Here posters was one small act worth taking.   

Please take a moment to view our Hate Has No Home Here letter for more information.

Our Strategic Plan

What’s our strategy? After studying student performance data, a range of parent and student survey data, and informed by classroom observation data, the district administrative team has drafted an updated strategic plan for the next two years. The school committee is currently reviewing the plan and parent and public feedback of it will soon be sought as well.  Each school used the draft strategic plan to develop their own draft school improvement plans for the year.  
The district strategy is highly focused on improving the quality of our students’ classroom learning experiences. We have chosen to communicate this emphasis by saying our plan concentrates on the 3Rs of modern education; relationships, rigor, and relevance (credit for this terminology goes to author, Tony Wagner). We believe making further headway in all three areas will be essential to meet the needs of our students.  
In terms of relationships, each school has an improvement goal addressing how to advance school-wide and individual teacher beliefs, procedures, and practices to support students with social-emotional learning skills deficits.  
In the area of rigor, each school has an improvement goal addressing how to support faculty in ensuring that every day, in every classroom, we provide students with the following:
  • A posted lesson objective written in student friendly language
  • The objective is aligned with an appropriate state standard and curriculum map unit
  • A task or tasks that address the objective and engage students in written work or oral discourse that involves a higher order thinking skill; analysis, synthesis, judgment, evaluation, creative expression, or problem solving.
In the area of relevance, each school has an improvement goal addressing how to support faculty in expanding their repertoire of instructional strategies to more frequently meet students where they are. By this we mean we will wish to see students afforded more opportunities to …
  • Respond to questions of natural interest
  • Build upon their prior knowledge
  • Draw upon their own cultural experience
  • Be provided with an element of choice in what to study or how to demonstrate their learning
  • Integrate student voices (opportunities to express their views, opinions, or perspectives)
We would like to invite you to view full district strategy and each school’s improvement plan on our Superintendent's Corner page. We hope you will share your feedback about these plans with us via e-mail or by attending an upcoming feedback event.

Student and Family Feedback Surveys - Results

Recently we asked you to share your feedback about our school district. We complied all the information into a report. We encourage you to view the feedback survey results.