Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the questions our office staff hears most often, and you can find more detailed information in the student handbook. If you have other questions, or if you’d just like to talk to us, you are always welcome to contact us.


Does Hillcrest Elementary School provide bus services for its students?

Yes, Hillcrest students do receive bus-riding privileges. We use the services of TravelKuz for our transportation needs. Please see the bus route information on their website. Bus safety is a top priority at Hillcrest, so please know and understand the rules:

  • Remain seated in the same seat throughout the entire bus ride.
  • Use only respectful words and a quiet “indoor” voice.
  • Be respectful toward the driver, and immediately follow all of the driver’s directions without making comments, asking questions, or arguing.

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What should I do if my child must be absent from school?

If your child must miss a day of school, please call the school and let us know. When your child is ready to return to class, please send him/her with a note explaining the absence. Children that are gone for an extended medical absence of three days or more must bring a note from the doctor when they return.

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Does the school provide breakfast for students?

Yes, we sure do! The school provides free breakfast to all students each school day at 8:00 a.m.

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How and when do I pay for my child’s lunch?

Children learn better on a full tummy, so we are happy to make daily meals available to our students. You are welcome to pay for your child’s lunch online at MySchoolBucks or by check payable to Hillcrest Elementary School. You may pay daily, weekly, or monthly.

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What’s the best way to communicate with my child’s teacher?

Parents and teachers meet for parent-teacher conferences twice a year at Hillcrest. Your child’s teacher will be happy to discuss all of the great things your child is doing in school during that time. We strongly encourage parents to attend during both sessions. You are also welcome to contact your child’s teacher to discuss any problems that need to be resolved right away or to schedule an additional conference.

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What happens if my child gets sick at school?

We have a nurse on staff to assess our students’ illnesses (headache, upset stomach, fever, vomiting, diarrhea) and to help keep them healthy. Our nurse will evaluate your child’s condition, and if necessary, stay with your child until we can reach you or the designated adult as specified on the student’s emergency contact form.

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How do I volunteer at Hillcrest Elementary School?

We hope you will want to play an important role in your child’s education by volunteering in the classroom, assisting teachers with projects and activities, or by accompanying classes on field trips. We also hope you will participate in a variety of events and projects through the Hillcrest Parent-Teacher Organization. We wholeheartedly welcome you at Hillcrest and ask that you fill out a CORI request, found in the front office, before volunteering in any capacity.

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