Why Choose Us?

Our goal at Great Falls Middle School is to provide a positive, safe, and supportive learning environment for all. We use Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS) and Developmental Designs, built on the Responsive Classroom© approach to teaching. Our school is centered on community-building, establishing school-wide expectations that our teachers and parents actively support. We don’t initiate traditional rules but instead live and breathe a set of positive statements school-wide: our code of conduct.

Because we recognize the impact technology has on children today, all of our classrooms have access to the Internet, and we have a 1:4 ratio of computers to students. Our small class sizes allow teachers to spend quality time with each student, including daily after-school tutoring help.

Great Falls students and staff work hard to meet and exceed state and national standards. Every year sees more students in the “Proficient” and “Advanced” categories on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System.

Code of Conduct

The Middle School code of conduct encourages accountability for one’s behavior and assists students in recognizing the important decisions they must make in learning to become independent and productive members of the school community.

1. Our school-wide goal is to create a safe and positive learning environment.
2. Our school community collectively abides by a statement of beliefs created by the students known as the Social Contract.
3. All school staff treats students with respect while openly maintaining communication with the home.