New Secondary Principal Appointed

I am pleased to announce that Joanne Menard will become Gill-Montague’s secondary level principal effective July 1, 2019. Ms. Menard has accepted the position pending successful contract negotiations which should be complete later this week. Ms. Menard has been the principal of Petersham Center School for the past four years. Prior to that she was an instructional coach in Medway, and a middle school science teacher in Spencer-East Brookfield, in addition to holding other teaching and private sector positions. Ms. Menard has a bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University, a master’s from Anna Maria College, and she is working on a doctorate at the University of Hartford.

Ms. Menard was the universal choice of our search committee and the feedback from a visit to her school and her visit with us has generated lots of positive energy. I think Joanne possesses the rare combination of personal traits and leadership skills that make her both a strong builder of positive school culture and a clear-eyed director of change where it is needed. She is both relationship focused and results-oriented and I think she will be a good fit for our middle and high school and the larger school community.

Michael Sullivan Ed. D., Superintendent of Schools