GMRSD Spring 23 "Give Something, Gain Something" Staff Wellness Challenge

Dear GMRSD Staff,

On behalf of our district and school leadership team we would like to invite you to participate in another staff wellness challenge!   In each school building, and in our district central offices, we have placed a promotional poster and a school team participant binder.  The theme of our GMRSD Spring challenge is "Give Something, Gain Something."   Staff can partcipate through signing up on the website each week or in hard copy in staff rooms within your schools on one or more of the following categories:

  • Anything Goes
  • Growing Together
  • Recommended Reads
  • Binge Worthy

We will also continue to have our #CommunityofLearners! participant option.

Each week we will be reviewing sign up sheets, and selecting three random participants, to receive gift cards. As we have a number of competitors among our ranks, our traveling wellness trophy, will be  back in action, being awarded to the school team with the highest percent of participation.

Here is our wellness website:    (Please note, only GMRSD staff signed in on their google accounts will be able to access the website). 

Thank you for having some fun with us as we wind down this school year,

Jeanne & Dianne