Graduation Plan For Football Field Ceremony

Graduation Plan for Football Field Ceremony

Date: July 24, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.

(if it is raining on July 24 then the drive thru graduation will take place at 5:00)

The gates at the football field will open for families to arrive at 5:15. Graduates will need to arrive at 5:15 p.m. and report to the back of the building at the east entrance of the pool. Each graduate will have a limit of 8 guests.

There will be 4 gates open to enter the field. Staff members will assist families to the correct gate.

Gates will be in alphabetical order by the graduate’s last name.

Gate 1 (students) with the last name: A-H

Gate 2 (students) with the last name J-P

Gate 3 (students) with the last name R-T

Gate 4 (students) with the last name V-W

Each gate will have a hand sanitizer and masks if you need one.

Families will be able to sit where you would like. All family members will be required to sit 6 ft. apart (this will be clearly marked) and must wear a mask at all times. Families will be able to sit in the home bleachers, visitor bleachers or the chairs that will be on the field (located on the Turnpike Road side) Graduates will be seated at the scoreboard end of the football field in chairs.

Graduates will enter the football field promptly at 6:00 p.m. via Gate 4 and proceed to the trellis. Each student will have a photo taken under the trellis by a staff member. The graduate will proceed to their seat and wait for all graduates to join them. We will have the National Anthem, (everyone will then be seated) welcome speech by Principal Menard, Class President, Salutatorian, Valedictorian, Superintendent, GMRSD Chairperson, Presentation of The Class of 2020 awarding of Diplomas by Principal Menard, ending with concluding remarks.

Families and guests will be asked to leave at the conclusion of the ceremony. You will be exiting by sections and follow directions to the appropriate gate. You will be asked to proceed to your cars and leave school grounds immediately unless you need to wait for your graduate.

Graduates will be the last to leave the field and proceed to the school via Gate 4. Graduates will walk to the side of the building to collect a gift bag which will have any scholarships, awards, and the actual diploma. The last gift will be a rose given by The GMEF as is tradition.

Graduates will then remove their gowns and they will place them in a box. Graduates will keep their caps. All students at this time will then need to leave school grounds immediately following.

The police will be here directing traffic to assist us. Please remember at all times Social Distancing of 6 ft. and masks must be followed at all times or the ceremony will be shut down completely. Outside bathrooms will be available and sanitized after each use. Nobody will be allowed in the school at any time.

All families must remain seated throughout the entire ceremony. We will have photos taken by staff members which will be available via a free website.

Everyone should wear appropriate footwear for grass and bleachers.

Rain Date: Friday July 24 6:00 p.m. Football Field

If it is raining on Friday July 24th the following plan will take place

Graduation Plan for Drive Thru

Friday, July 24, 5:00 p.m. Graduates will have a total of two cars that will be allowed to come to graduation. One of the cars will have the graduate and family and the other car is for additional family members. Cars will enter the middle school parking lot on the west side of the school. Cars will be lined up according to alphabet with 20 family cars (10 graduate families) lining up arriving in 20 minute intervals.

Family cars will be lined up two by two and will drive around the back of the building and following the direction of staff to the front of the building. Staff will guide the cars to the inner loop of the front of the building. In front of the high school the graduate ONLY will exit the car and proceed to the trellis where a photo will be taken by a staff member. The graduate will receive their diploma and a TFHS bag with any scholarships, awards and gifts. The last gift for the graduate will be a rose from the GMEF as is tradition. The graduate will proceed down the sidewalk (weather permitting) to the Congratulations to the Class of 2020 sign for another photo opt by another staff member. The family cars will follow the graduate. Graduates will then remove their graduation gown in a box provided and return to their family car and drive away. No students and families will be allowed to stay on school grounds or will be able to leave their cars at any time.

Social Distancing MUST be maintained at all times while on school grounds. Masks MUST be worn at all times for everyone including graduates. Graduates may remove their mask for pictures under the trellis and when they receive their diploma. If at any time this is not followed the entire ceremony will be shut down immediately.

Photos will be put on a “free” website for all families to download and print as they wish.

The entire graduation will stream on MCTV from the beginning to end, including speeches, and will be able to view on line.