Principal Newsletter February 7, 2019

I could really use your assistance . There is an upswing in the "trash talk" that is primarily
happening on the playground before school and at recess. Playing at school is an
opportunity for students to get exercise and have fun. There are no trophies handed to
the winner after each recess, and yet some of our students are feeling the need to
insult, tease, and generally be unkind while playing. I would greatly appreciate you
addressing this newsletter item with your child.

You have to love New England weather! We have students outside getting fresh air and
exercise every day so long as the wind and air temperature combined is 20 degrees or
warmer. When we have snow on the ground, we require that students have on both
snow pants and boots to be allowed in the snow, so students stay dry. Our nurse has
extra snow pants, boots, and coats for students to borrow if they need them for recess.
There may be times that ice will prohibit an outdoor recess for safety reasons.

Wednesday, February 13 is a FOS meeting at the Rendezvous starting at 6:00.

There is an All School Meeting on Friday, February 15 in our auditorium starting at 2:15.

With Sheffield Pride,
Melissa Pitrat