Principal Newsletter 1/28/22

  • In second grade the classroom teacher, art teacher and music teacher collaborated on a project with the book “Sky Tree” by Thomas Locker. We answered the question, How does the Sky Tree show the cycle of seasons in writing? In art, students explored using tempera paints to create a seasonal tree with a colored sky in the background. 2nd grade artists enjoyed a clay day and experimented with simple tools to create their textured owl. In music they sang and danced “Tall Tree” by Lorraine Lee Hammond. Students created instrumental accompaniment to the song.

The final project is a slide show of the student art work accompanied by an audio recording of students performing “Tall Tree”. This slide show can be viewed on the Sheffield website.

  • Join me in welcoming Mr. Luis Mendez-Moreno, a student nurse from GCC who will be working in the health office from February 3rd-March 10th.
  • Wednesday, February 2 is a half day with a noon dismissal. Our spirit day is Olympic Day - students and staff can dress as athletes or in gear from their favorite country.

With Sheffield Pride,

Melissa PItrat