Welcome, Officer Miner!

We have many new, highly talented and dedicated staff joining our learning community this year.  I would like to introduce you to few of them over the next few weeks. I will lead off the introductions today with the district’s new school resource officer (SRO), Dan Miner of the Montague Police Department.  Officer Miner is a graduate of Turners Falls High School and has been on the Montague force since 1997. Dan lives in Montague and this past year he had three children attending district schools. Dan is quite enthusiastic about working in our schools and we are equally enthusiastic about having him join us.

Officer Miner’s position is dedicated full time to serving our schools, all school year long.  His home base will be an office in our secondary school, but he will have a visible presence in all schools, working with all staff and getting to know students at each campus.  In addition to providing an increased security presence in our schools, Officer Miner will guide us in the implementation of best practices for school safety and security in all of its facets.  

One of the most important ways Officer Miner will help make our schools safer and more supportive of students will be by providing another person, and another entry point, for students to access a helpful and knowledgeable adult.  By no means does an SRO provide counseling services, but we certainly envision him playing a vital role in providing students with information and support and in being a conduit for improved communications between families and school, families and the police, and the police with schools.  

Officer Miner will also be actively and routinely involved in communicating with and working with students having poor school attendance issues.  One thing he will not be doing is acting as a school disciplinarian. Having an SRO respond to infractions of school rules is a scenario that can turn out poorly for students and officers and is not the role we envision for an SRO.  

As Officer Miner settles in we will be looking to include him as an important player in our preventive and positive support systems, working closely with administrators, counselors, nurses, and teachers to creative an inclusive, positive, and supportive learning environment for all of our students.  We are excited to have Officer Miner join our team and we welcome any questions or feedback you might have about his role in the days ahead.

Michael Sullivan, Superintendent