Superintendent Corner

Superintendent's Corner

Dear School District Families,

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the school district, I would like to welcome you back to school. We are excited about the year ahead. Administrative assistants, custodians, administrators, and teachers have been working hard this summer preparing for students’ arrival. 

This year the district will continue to build upon its commitment to the new three R’s: rigor, relevance, and relationships. In the area of rigor, our goal is to provide students with experiences that develop higher-order thinking, in every class, every day. This will take the form of ramped up essay writing across all subjects and grade levels. It will also occur through initiatives to bolster the caliber of student discourse in class discussions and group work.

Advances in neuroscience continue to validate what many teachers have long understood about the importance of relevance in student learning. We know students learn best when they receive content and skills taught through tasks that build upon students’ prior knowledge and when they demonstrate this learning through tasks that have value beyond providing test scores. To that end, we will focus on teaching curricula that emphasize depth more than breadth, with units of instruction centered on authentic performance tasks. We invite you to review and provide feedback on our middle and high school curricula, which are now publicly accessible through the district website.
Educators are often fond of saying, “It is all about relationships.” We feel this is the case across the board at GMRSD. Therefore, this year we will be highly focused on the quality of not just student-teacher relationships, but in student-student relationships, school-parent relationships, and teacher-teacher relationships. In terms of student-teacher relationships, the district has a proud history of providing progressive social and emotional learning programs to students of all ages. This year we plan to expand our horizons by looking at practices that will improve our ability to increase student multicultural and diversity understanding and awareness. We understand that doing this work well is a tall order and a long-term proposition, but we are ready for the challenge. 
There are many more changes and initiatives going on at each school and across the district; from our purchase of 150 Chromebooks, to a rollout of Google educational apps, to an introduction of new school leaders, to an invitation to middle school parents to attend a summer get together. Please go to our school specific web pages to learn more!
This year, I invite you to engage with us in any ways that are comfortable and right for you, so that we may work together to equip all of all children with the understandings, skills, and habits of mind, for lives of continuous personal growth and learning.   

Happy New Year!

Sincerely yours,

Michael Sullivan, Ed.D.


Calm Down Room Report

The Disability Law Center has issued a report clearing Hillcrest Elementary of allegations of abuse or neglect. We invite you to read the district’s full response and view the report. Below you will find additional documents referenced in the district's response.