Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll my child with the Gill-Montague Regional School District?

We welcome new students to GMRSD! We want to make your transition to our district as smooth as possible. Our Registration page walks you through the steps and documents required in order to register your child for school.

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Does Gill-Montague provide students with breakfast and lunch?

We serve breakfast and lunch daily to students, including students in our preschool program. Please visit our Food Services page for pricing and menus.

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Does the district offer a preschool program?

Our preschool program prepares three to five-year-old students for a successful educational experience in kindergarten and beyond. If you’re interested in registering your child for preschool, we invite you to check out our Preschool page and learn more about the program.

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What is the School Choice program?

The School Choice program allows parents to enroll their child in a school outside of the city or town in which they reside. If you live outside of our district boundaries and wish to enroll your child at Gill-Montague, please see our School Choice page for information and an application form. 

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What does GMRSD do to help ensure that my child will be safe while attending one of your schools?

Student safety is a top priority. Our policy is to provide a safe learning and working environment for students and employees that is free from harassment and bullying. To learn more about our policy and about reporting a bullying incident, please read our Anti-Discriminiation/Anti-Harassment policy and Grievance procedure or our Bullying Prevention summary. Our Anti-Bullying Measures details the steps we take to prevent bullying among our students. If you need to report an incident, please fill out our bullying report and contact us as soon as possible. We take every measure to protect our students and keep them safe.

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Does the district offer transportation services?

We are pleased to provide safe, reliable transportation to and from school every day. We consider bus riding a privilege and expect students to obey bus rules when riding the bus. For bus routes and more information about riding the bus, please see our Operations page.

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