Gill School Newsletter

May 19, 2022, Newsletter

Dates to Remember

  • May 30- No School- Memorial Day Weekend
  • June 2- 5th & 6th Grades Step Up Day for GFMS
  • June 8- Games Day
  • June 9- Grade 6 Graduation- noon
  • June 10- Literacy Day- Early Release 11:50
  • June 13- Step Up Day- Grades K-5- Early Release 11:50
  • June 14- All School Meet 10:00 a.m. outside-families welcome! - Early Release 11:50
  • June 15- Students’ last day!!- Early Release 11:50

Dear Gill Community,

As the last few weeks of the school are approaching, we are filling the days with trying to cover all the curriculum in for the year that we can and completing benchmark assessments. In the fall, winter, and spring, we assess each student in several areas to assess current performance and monitor their growth and progress over the course of the year. This helps us to gauge student interventions needed, areas for reteaching, and whether our instruction is effecting progress.

Here are a few updates to be aware of:

  • Field trip forms will be coming home next week for students in fifth and sixth who are attending “Step Up Day” at the Great Falls Middle School on Thursday, June 2nd. All students will be attending even if they don’t plan to attend there next year.
  • Students in grades 4-6 who are participating in the Reading contest pages- The parents sign off page and list of books read are due MONDAY the latest. Next week students will vote on their favorite book and if they’ve read at least five books, they can participate.
  • We have a new system in place for attendance. We are sending out a robo call daily to the parents/caregivers of students if their student is absent, and the school has not received a phone call to report them absent. This reminder helps to keep track of attendance and we ask that you call in your student’s absence in the morning first thing. You are welcome to email as well!
  • As you may be aware, Mr. Wood is out for the remainder of the year. He did have a long-term sub who was not able to stay until June. We do have a new sub coming in for the last few weeks. Her name is Catie Reynolds and she begins next week.
  • Kelly Burgh is a new special education paraprofessional who began a couple of weeks ago, and she is working in kindergarten.
  • As we are not having a Field Day, we wanted to plan a fun day for students, hence “Games Day”! We will need parent volunteers and if you are interested in helping, we will need you to complete a CORI. Please contact Chris in the front office to help with that form.
  • Warmer weather is here, and flip-flops are showing up. Here is a clip from our handbook’s dress code for your reference:

Students should wear sturdy shoes safe for outdoor play. Footwear must fit securely to the foot for safety on the playground and stairs. High heels, flip-flops and other backless sandals are not permitted. Slick-soled dress-up shoes are not safe on the playground. Sneakers are ideal and are required on days when students have physical education.

  • Finally, here is the School Climate Survey link again if you’d like to participate. I’ve already received 33 responses, but we can do better! Please take a few minutes to respond.

Keep cool this weekend!

Best Regards,

Lisa Desjarlais